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Star Wars fans in Russia build epic replica of The Mandalorian's ship

The Razer Crest replica cost more than $10,000 to make.


Mando's ship is parked in Russia. 

Screenshot by Erin Carson/CNET

Siberia might feel like a galaxy far far away, but it's now home to a giant replica of the Razer Crest ship flown by The Mandalorian in the Disney Plus live-action Star Wars show The Mandalorian. 

According to reports, fans of the show built a model of the starship that's 47 feet long and 13 feet high (14 meters by 4 meters), and weighs more than a ton.  

"We were very much motivated to make it. As if we were inside the TV series and rebuilding the ship," Ayaal Fyodorov, who worked on the ship, told Agence France-Presse. Fyodrov said the effort cost more than 750,000 rubles (more than $10,000, more than £7,000 and about AU$ 12,890) and he sold his car to help pay for it. 

The ship is made of plastic foam, metal and fiberboard. While it can't leave Earth's orbit, the engines do start and different buttons control different lights. For now, the vessel is grounded in a park in the city of Yakutsk and, AFP reports, is becoming something of a tourist attraction in town.