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Wield a Star Wars lightsaber with Disney's upcoming headset

Put this on and pick up a lightsaber.

At D23 on Saturday, Disney announced that it's making an augmented reality headset with help from hardware manufacturer Lenovo. It's designed specifically with Star Wars experiences in mind.

During its Level Up video game panel, Disney revealed the headset alongside some footage from minigames and experiences it's making for it. Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, as the collection is called, includes holochess and, as you might expect, a game that lets you wield a lightsaber. Check out the reveal video above.

There's no word yet on when the headset will launch, but you can keep an eye on its website here. You can also sign up there for more information from Disney on how to try it out.

Disney is the latest in a number of large companies making moves into augmented reality. Recently, Apple announced its own AR efforts, and it'll be releasing a development kit called ARKit for Apple devices soon.