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Stormtrooper dancers wow at 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' wrap party

Dance troupe Boogie Storm flips, whips and nae naes its way to the highest possible endorsement...from Luke Skywalker himself.

Boogie Storm first rose to prominence by earning the approval of the notoriously surly Simon Cowell on "Britain's Got Talent" earlier this year, but now the troupe of dancing Stormtroopers has earned the highest possible endorsement...from Luke Skywalker himself.

Mark Hamill so enjoyed the shuffling Stormtroopers' flips, whips and nae naes at the wrap party celebrating the end of shooting for "Star Wars: Episode VIII" that he gave them a shout-out on Facebook Tuesday and shared the above clip from their performance.

Hamill was so pleased that not a single light saber made an appearance during the show.

While Boogie Storm was surely happy not to have been cut down by rebel fire like countless numbers of their more lumbering comrades, it's safe (and somewhat ironic) to say that the Skywalker seal of approval seems to be the accolade they've been looking for all along, and that's no Jedi mind trick.

Sadly though, that Tweet would appear to confirm that the above video really does only show a dance number from a wrap party, and not the most awesome ending scene to a Star Wars movie yet. But a wrap party does mean that the first trailer for Episode VIII can't be that far off.