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Witness the horror of Darth Vader with Anakin's voice

The Dark Side is strong with a video of Darth Vader overdubbed with Anakin Skywalker's less impressive voice.

If you already love James Earl Jones for his intimidating voice acting as Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise, then you'll love him even more after watching "Darth Vader Mask Fail," a video that dubs Anakin Skywalker's voice onto Vader footage.

A quick refresher if you need it: Hayden Christensen played the pre-Darth Vader Anakin Skywalker in the prequel movies. He didn't exactly sound like the Darth Vader we know and fear. The video drops us into a surreal alternate version of Star Wars where the voice-changing mask malfunctions and all we hear is Anakin's melodious tones. 

YouTube channel Auralnauts posted the video this week. Auralnauts used a voice actor for the lines and he does a pretty decent job of imitating Christensen's lightweight delivery. It really robs the whole "I am your father" bit of its gravitas.

The video is both hilarious and sobering. It makes us want to cling to James Earl Jones and his imposing voice with the power of a thousand rare-earth magnets. Never leave us, Mr. Jones. Star Wars needs you. We need you.