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Star Wars Blu-ray box set free with Panasonic Blu-ray players

When you buy an item of new Panasonic Blu-ray home cinema kit, you'll be rewarded with the original Star Wars saga on Blu-ray.

The force is strong with Panasonic Blu-ray players. When you buy an item of the company's new Blu-ray home cinema kit, you'll be rewarded with the original Star Wars movie saga on Blu-ray.

The original trilogy is available with Panasonic Blu-ray players, recorders and home cinema systems. To bag a classic cosmic carve-up, simply buy a BDT110, 210, 310 or PWT500 player; a BWT700 or BWT800 recorder; or a BTT270, BTT262, BTT370, BTT362, BTT775 or BFT800 home cinema system.

Then visit to redeem your box set, featuring the classic films, Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

If you want the prequel trilogy, you'll have to go to a shop and shell out your own cash for Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. If you're, like, a massive fan of Jar-Jar Binks or want some Jedi pulling tips.

CNET UK checked out the Star Wars Blu-ray long ago in a galaxy far, far away -- well, it was the O2 this morning, but if you've ever got the Jubilee line in rush hour you'll know what we mean. There, the man inside C3-PO's golden suit, Anthony Daniels, assured us these were the Blu-rays we're looking for, as a host of Wars alumni discussed the films and the technology involved.

Interestingly, most of the star warriors we met today are decidedly unkeen on 3D -- Daniels reckons theme parks are the place for 3D. So we doubt we'll see them in the queue for the upcoming Star Wars 3D cinema release.

Original producer Robert Watts isn't keen on the rejigged versions of the films featured on the Blu-ray release. The disc includes the Special Edition versions, which saw George Lucas polish many of the effects and even add extra scenes.

The Panasonic deal runs from 12 September until 31 December. Fortunately, it's not an exclusive deal, unlike releases including the Avatar 3D Blu-ray, which was only available with a Panasonic telly for several months before going on sale to a wider public. The films hit shops the same day, only sold as box sets: either the original trilogy, the three prequels or all six films with a starship-full of extras.

Star Wars is also coming to the Xbox with the motion-controlled Kinect Star Wars game and R2-D2 Xbox 360.

Will you be investing in either box set, or is Star Wars a relic of a bygone age? Comment or comment not -- there is no try -- below or on our Facebook page.