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Star Wars Battlefront PS4, Xbox One, PC file sizes revealed

The PS4 version is 4GB larger than the Xbox One edition, but smaller than that of the PC.

Electronic Arts has announced how much hard drive space you'll need to download Star Wars Battlefront. In a tweet, EA said Battlefront requires 23GB on PlayStation 4, 19GB on Xbox One, and 27GB on PC.

Electronic Arts

It's not uncommon for file size to vary by platform. However. the 4 GB gulf between PS4 and Xbox One is curious. We have followed up with EA in an attempt to get answers about the file size disparity.

Battlefront officially launches on November 17 on all platforms, which is about one month before JJ Abrams' "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" comes to theaters. Xbox One owners with an EA Access membership can start playing Battlefront on Thursday, November 12.

In other recent news, EA has released a new live-action trailer for the game featuring "Twilight"and "Pitch Perfect" actress Anna Kendrick. On top of that, the game's Trophies/Achievements list has been revealed, while EA has launched the free Battlefront companion app, which features a card game and more.