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Star Wars: Battlefront will have 12 multiplayer maps at launch

Take a look at the volcanic planet Sullust for the first time.

The Star Wars Day announcements keep coming. Developer DICE on Monday revealed that Star Wars: Battlefront, the upcoming first- and third-person shooter based on the original trilogy, will include a total of 12 multiplayer maps upon release in November.

Electronic Arts

DICE announced the number on the EA Star Wars website. The developer points out this does not include locations from the game's co-op Missions mode, which is separate from Battlefront's main multiplayer offering. You can also bet that more will be added as downloadable content (DLC) later on.

A full list of maps for Battlefront has not been announced yet, but DICE mentioned three. These include familiar places like Endor and Hoth, as well as Sullust (above), a new environment referenced in the Star Wars fiction but never fully explored. Some of the maps will support the 40-player Walker Assault mode, while others have been purposefully designed for close-quarters combat.

Developers from DICE traveled to Iceland to capture reference photos for Sullust, a volcanic location that lead environment artist Andrew Hamilton describes as being "very barren in a beautiful way." For a closer look at Sullust and DICE's trip to Iceland, check out the images in the gallery below.

Battlefront launches November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. DICE is also offering a free DLC pack based on The Force Awakens called The Battle of Jakku. This will arrive December 1 for those who preorder and December 8 for everyone else.

Electronic Arts