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​Listen to the original Star Wars soundtrack on Death Star vinyl

Fans can enjoy John Williams' famous soundtrack from "A New Hope" on this new collectible vinyl record set.

Set your record players for destruction.


Audiophiles who love the Death Star as much as their vintage turntables are in for a treat with a special picture disc pressing of the movie soundtrack from "A New Hope."

The picture discs are printed double sided with images of Darth Vader, the Rebel attack on the Death Star, Chewbacca and Han Solo, and the Death Star itself.

If the set sells well, we'll hopefully see vinyl picture discs of more Star Wars soundtracks. The idea of a record in the shape of an Ewok's head or a Stormtrooper helmet would make any geeky DJ smile.

The collectible album set is available for preorder now for $35 (about £26 and AU$46), and is expected to ship on September 30.