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Star Trek's 46th anniversary celebrated with Google doodle

The iconic TV series has its own doodle, complete with interactive elements and authentic animations.

The iconic TV series Star Trek has just been given its own Google doodle to celebrate its 46th anniversary. And it's a full-blown interactive doozy.

Head to the Google homepage and you'll see the logo transformed into six members of the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series, complete with haircuts and eyebrows to help identify them. Spock is the G, Kirk is the second O, and so on. But it's when you start clicking around that this baby steps into warp drive.

Click the first O (Nyota Uhura, if I'm not mistaken, but then I was always more of a Star Wars man myself), and you'll see a gloriously retro, soft-focus close-up, complete with stars. Nice. Then hit the door and two characters make their way out to be beamed up and away. Arriving on an alien planet, you can help them take on an evil foe using a tree branch or a projectile -- and then they're beamed back home in time for tea.

The whole thing is styled just like one of the original episodes, complete with wipe cuts and authentic beaming animation. At the end the USS Enterprise flies across the screen, revealing Google in Star Trek-esque yellow slanted lettering.

Star Trek: The Original Series debuted on NBC on 8 September 1966, and lasted until 3 June 1969.  

They're obviously big Trekkies over at Google. When it was working on the enhanced Google Voice Search -- the Siri-rivalling personal assistant that's one of the highlights of Android Jelly Bean -- it used Majel as the working title. Majel was the first name of series creator Gene Rodenberry's wife, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, who voiced the computer in the original series, and also played Nurse Chapel. She was also Counsellor Troi's mother in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

What do you think of the doodle? One of the best yet? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.