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Star Trek-themed roller coaster lets you boldly go upside down

Riders are trained by uniformed Starfleet crew before being sent off to save the Enterprise -- but you'll have to get to Germany first.

If space always seemed like a thrill ride to you, plan a trip to Movie Park Germany in Bottrop, to boldly go on the new Star Trek-themed roller coaster, Operation Enterprise. 

Riders enter a Trek-themed building, complete with holodeck, transporter rooms and bridge, and are "trained" as Starfleet cadets by theme park staffers in uniform before boarding the coaster. And there's a whole straight-outta-Starfleet scenario that rivals the Kobayashi Maru.

"The Enterprise and her crew are on their way to a United Federation of Planets meeting when they are attacked by the Borg and taken aboard the enemy ship," reports. "The Enterprise is now unmanned and caught in a tractor beam. The only hope of rescue is the Starfleet cadets on the bridge of a nearby ship at the time of the attack. They are preparing to be launched out of their ship's transporter room in shuttles on a rescue mission. This holodeck mission's success depends on the cadets breaching the Borg ship's deflector shield, destroying its main systems and saving the crew of the Enterprise."

The coaster itself, which opened June 7, was two-plus years in the making, and features a twisted halfpipe with a 40-meter (131 foot) elevation.


Even before riders board the new coaster, the Star Trek experience is in full swing.

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