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'Star Trek' lives, in upstate New York

Some diehard fans wanted more of the original adventures, and they're doing something about it. Plus: Props for sale.

For some fans, the newer series weren't enough. They wanted more of the original adventures, and they're doing something about it. Plus: Props for sale.

'Star Trek' auction boldly goes to $7 million take

Memorabilia auction hits warp speed when a determined bidder pays $576,000 for a model of the Enterprise.
October 8, 2006

'Star Trek' memorabilia sale a big hit

As bidding begins in Christie's three-day auction, online buyer snags Enterprise E model for $132,000.
Photos: 'Star Trek' inventory
October 6, 2006

'Star Trek: New Voyages'

video A diehard group of fans in upstate New York is putting together 22 new episodes where the original series left off.
October 5, 2006

Behind the scenes of 'Star Trek: New Voyages'

video CNET's Rich DeMuro stops by the New York set to check in with cast, crew and actor George Takei.
October 5, 2006

blogma Bidding exceeds expectations as Christie's auctions off props from the TV shows and movies.
October 6, 2006

blog Box-office figures aren't always reliable when trying to determine the best of the bunch. CNET's phaser-toting Neha Tiwari weighs in.
October 6, 2006

The devices used by Capt. Kirk and his crew seemed so futuristic at one time. But reality has caught up to fiction.
October 5, 2006

blog The multitude of site choices can be pretty frustrating to a fan. CNET's Neha Tiwari breaks down some of her favorites.
October 5, 2006

Quantum info teleported from light to matter

Breakthrough by physicists in Denmark brings quantum communication and computing closer to reality.
October 4, 2006

'Star Trek' returns to TV with digital facelift

CBS digitally remasters all 79 episodes, to begin airing Saturday to mark series' 40th anniversary.
September 15, 2006

video The original "Star Trek" series carries on via the Web. Check out this trailer for the episode "To Serve All My Days."
August 22, 2006

In October, Christie's plans to auction off memorabilia including a jumpsuit worn by Patrick Stewart and a Klingon captain's chair.
May 19, 2006

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