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Tribble coats! New Star Trek clothing line is logically engaging

Find fashion worthy of a Starfleet officer working on the bridge or partying on the holodeck with this new collection.

Dress up your wardrobe with geek chic Star Trek fashion.

Her Universe

Go boldly where fashion has rarely gone before with a new Star Trek clothing line from Her Universe and ThinkGeek.

The collection for women pays tribute to both the classic "Star Trek" TV series and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" with dresses, skirts, tops and jackets like the Star Trek Tribble Faux Fur Coat, which is made from acrylic and polyester, not tribbles. It goes for $89.99 (about £72 or AU$120).

Another jacket, the Star Trek Patches Paige Bomber Jacket, lets you wear
your Starfleet Academy pride on your sleeve.

The blue track jacket retails for $59.99 (about £48 or AU$80) and comes adorned with patches for Starfleet Academy Science, Starfleet Academy Department of Astrophysics, Starfleet Medical Academy, Kobayashi Maru Starfleet Academy Examination and Starfleet Academy Red Squadron. Embroidery on the chest pocket reads, "Trekkie/Class of '66."

For "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fans, the collection includes a Wesley Crusher Bomber Jacket for $59.99 (about £48 or AU$80). The jacket mimics the familiar three-stripe design of Wesley's uniform. Chest embroidery reads "Crusher."

The collection also includes the Star Trek Ships Mae Dress, Star Trek TNG Mesh-Top Collar Tee, Star Trek TOS Uniform Skirt and even some cute Star Trek bling.