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'Star Trek' Enterprise sushi set lets you eat in sci-fish style

Send your raw fish flying through space with a classy sushi set containing a model of the Enterprise and warp-trail chopsticks.

Beam up some sashimi, Scotty. ThinkGeek

It may not be easy to find fresh fish while you're busy orbiting the pleasure planet Risa, but that shouldn't stop you from indulging with a USS Enterprise sushi set from ThinkGeek. The $34.99 (about £24, AU$46) set consists of a tasteful raised wood board with a silver Enterprise (modeled after the original series craft) attached to the top. Blue warp trails emanate from the ship.

When it came to creating "Star Wars"-themed chopsticks, lightsabers were a natural choice. It wasn't quite so easy to come up with an appropriate "Trek" design, but the use of trails leading off from the Enterprise's warp nacelles is a brilliant solution. The translucent blue utensils add some futuristic flair to your meal.

The saucer section of the ship opens up to reveal a dish you can fill with soy sauce, some other dipping sauce or a splash of Klingon Warnog beer. The whole ship rotates to allow for more room for your sushi.

"Star Trek" made certain comestibles famous, such as Romulan ale, Ferengi slug steaks and "tea, Earl Grey, hot." Sushi is not on that list, though you can imagine how exotic this kind of food might be in the future. It could open up a whole world of tribble sashimi, Ceti eel unagi rolls and Regulan bloodworm nigirizushi. It may not sound appetizing, but at least you'll have the right utensils to eat it.

The saucer section doubles as a soy sauce holder. ThinkGeek