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Nude aliens? Space swears? This is not your father's Star Trek

Ready to boldly go where broadcast television has never gone before? Stay tuned, says CBS digital chief.

"Romance on Star Trek? Not on my watch," says Captain Kirk.


The original "Star Trek" dealt with serious issues, but overall, was a family show. Red-shirted ensigns died almost bloodlessly, love affairs were chaste, and aside from a few short skirts and bare chests, no one showed any skin.

Could that be changing? CBS Interactive CEO Jim Lanzone spoke to the podcast Recode Media with Peter Kafka, and the answer seems to be a definite maybe. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

"Star Trek: Discovery" will launch in May 2017 on CBS broadcast television, but could boldly go where no Enterprise crew has gone before once it moves to CBS All Access, a subscription streaming video service.

So the show could feature "naked aliens, or humans?" Kafka asked.

"Theoretically," Lanzone responded.

And while a good Starfleet officer would certainly keep to professional language on duty, we think, in their personal lives, all bets are off. When asked if profanity would be allowed, Lanzone responded, "Whatever future swearing, 300 years in the future, would be."

He might consult some frakking "Battlestar Galactica" reruns, or maybe study up on some of "Firefly's" Mandarin Chinese curses.