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'Star Trek' crew deeply disturbed by Miley Cyrus

A quite beautiful video shows that on the Enterprise the most famous of this year's VMA performances shocked Spock. Kirk, though, seemed intrigued.

He's never seen anything like it. AriesHeadFilms/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNEt

The international community has been painfully divided over the last couple of weeks.

Some wish to go to war against such behavior. Others take one look and think: "Oh, these things happen."

Of course I'm talking about Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. What did you imagine I'd be talking about? What else is there?

Her various forms of exaggerated self-expression that night have caused missives of outrage and ululations of apocalypse.

For myself, I found it all competent Sunday night entertainment. The crew of the Starship Enterprise, however, aren't so sure.

In a deftly handled video that shows how much many on board suffered, the likes of Spock weren't of a mind to offer Cyrus a Facebook "like."

The more she gyrated, the more the crew seemed in turn baffled, bemused, stunned and then frightened to death.

All except Captain James T. Kirk.

At first appearing to be equally shocked, he began to evince more than a little fascination.

Though he tried to show solidarity by covering his ears, he also cocked an eyebrow toward the screen with more than a frisson of contemplation.

As so often, Kirk seems a little more worldly, a little more like us, than the rest of his hardy companions.

I shan't spoil the ending of this piece -- the work of Aries Head Films.

Cyrus herself was quoted Monday as saying: "I have so many f***ing issues."

Judging by this video, the great protectors of the Galaxy have a few of their own.