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Star Trek connoisseurs can now sip Chateau Picard wine for real

Skip the Earl Grey tea and pour yourself a real glass of wine from a fictional Starfleet captain.

Wines That Rock

In the new Star Trek: Picard series, Picard can be found running his family vineyard Chateau Picard in France's La Barre region. So why not make Picard's wines a reality?

A collection of special vintages inspired by the Star Trek universe is on the way from Wines That Rock. 

The first two releases are a 2016 Chateau Picard Cru Bourgeois from Bordeaux, France, and a Special Reserve United Federation of Planets old vine zinfandel. 

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The 2016 Chateau Picard Bordeaux is described as "an 85% cabernet sauvignon and 15% merlot blend that is subtly smoky and spicy with a bright, fresh, clean-tasting style." A 750 milliliter bottle of Chateau Picard Bordeaux retails for a robust $60 (roughly £49, AU$87).

The United Federation of Planets wine is a 2017 old vine zinfandel from Sonoma County, California. It's a blend of 87% zinfandel, 12% petite sirah and 1% Syrah. A 750 milliliter bottle of United Federation of Planets retails for $50 (roughly £41, AU$73).

It seems the United Federation of Planets wine tastes just as complex as the Federation itself.  

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The wine is described as having "aromatics of concentrated strawberry, blackberry and plum preserves with a chewy-layered midpalate filled with hints of white peppercorn, sweet red and black fruit."

The wine collection is available exclusively at

The Star Trek: Picard series premieres in early 2020 on CBS All Access. (Disclosure: CBS is the parent company of CNET.)

Bottoms up, Scotty.