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Star Trek at 50 mega-quiz: Test your knowledge of the Trek universe

Star Trek hits the big 5-0 this year, and the whole galaxy is celebrating. Find out how well you know your funky space sweaters, starships and captains.

Star Trek is as expansive as the universe itself. With six television series (and one on the way) and 13 feature films in the canon, it's hard to know everything there is to know about the sci-fi franchise. That won't stop us from challenging you to a 50th anniversary mega-quiz covering aliens, actors, reboots and spaceships.

The quiz spans a galaxy, from the exploits of Captain Kirk in the original series to the upcoming "Star Trek: Discovery" show due in 2017 (Disclosure: CNET parent company will air the new series). Along the way, we'll meet exotic alien species, spot starships as they fly across the inky darkness of space and delve into the deep history of Trek.

The very first Star Trek episode aired on September 8, 1966. It's been a remarkable 50-year journey through space (and time) that shows no signs of docking at a starbase anytime soon. Follow along with CNET's full coverage of Star Trek at 50 and let us know in the comments if you successfully conquered the quiz as handily as Captain Kirk triumphed over the Gorn.