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'Star Drunk' is 'Drunk History' for sci-fi geeks

Being willingly drunk on camera (presumably) seems to be one of the hottest things going in entertainment this summer. A short sci-fi flick takes the art to new highs (or is it lows?)

That's one way to run a ship. Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Drunkenness isn't just for soccer hooligans and certain gamers anymore.

It's also become a key part of producing some of the summer's best comedy, like "Drunk History," which recently graduated from Funny or Die to Comedy Central, or this music video that can be viewed at various stages of drunkenness thanks to lots of beers and thousands of YouTube annotations.

While both are indeed hilarious, after you watch the drunk short film below, I think you'll agree with me that no genre is better suited for inebriated writing and acting than sci-fi.

"Star Drunk" features a cast of Portland actors who got totally smashed for their performances in this five-minute flick, working off a script written by a handful of screenwriters who were equally blasted while drafting the storyline, which seems loosely inspired by "Battlestar Galactica."

The crew of an unnamed spaceship is seen taking shots, slurring and stumbling around as they face up to their enemies and come under attack. Hamming it up while wasted makes for some great moments, and I found myself LOLing at a number of the ridiculous facial expressions the cast mustered.

Watch the whole thing below and you'll especially enjoy the exchange between the Captain and the bad dude Gorgonzolla. When Gorgonzolla rambles on incoherently, the Captain calls for a translation with epic drunk timing.

The actors also seem to have found a way to improve upon modern fight choreography by going after one another while sloshed with a cornucopia of helicopter punches, stumbling bum rushes, and vocalized "pew pew pew" phaser shots.

Please share the video with your friendly neighborhood cable television executive. I'm already having withdrawal symptoms.

(Via The Daily Dot)