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Staples: Snag $400 by swapping old gadget for Windows 8 device

Buy a new Windows 8 touch-screen device through Staples, send in your old device, and you could get up to $400 in return.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Staples in dangling a $400 trade-in deal to steer customers toward Windows 8 devices.

How does it work? The retailer's "Trade up to touch" Web page explains the process.

You first have to buy a Windows 8 touch device from Staples. It can be an all-in-one PC, a notebook, or a tablet, but it must be one of the qualifying items on the retailer's list. The list includes all-in-ones from Hewlett-Packard and Dell, laptops from Lenovo and Asus, and the various flavors of Microsoft's Surface RT and Pro tablets.

You then identify the device that you want to trade in. Here you have more options. You can send Staples any Netbook or notebook, an iPad or iPad Mini, or a Macbook. The device has to be in working order and come with the power supply and battery. Depending on the age and type of device, you'll get anywhere from $100 to $400 in return.

After you complete the online form, Staples sends you a shipping label to mail your trade-in device. The retailer examines the device to make sure it's working. If all checks out, you'll receive your money in the form of a Visa cash card.

The offer is good until April 27 and is available only in the U.S.

(Via Neowin)