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Staples: Recycle that Dell here

Dell partners with Staples to offer free recycling of Dell computer equipment.

Proper recycling of computer and electronic equipment is a pain. Not only do you have to carry it to a special place, you often also have to pay $10 or so per item. For this reason, I've seen a lot of people just leave their computer on the sidewalk and hope it will somehow disappear.

This is not how you recycle a computer.

To ease this pain and boost environmental consciousness, according to the Associated Press, Dell and Staples announced Wednesday that you can recycle any Dell computer equipment for free at Staples.

This equipment includes any amount of Dell-branded PCs, monitors, keyboards, printers, mice, and other accessories. They will be accepted for recycling at any of the 1,500 Staples stores in the U.S., without a fee.

Staples logs the incoming equipment, then hands it off to Eco International, which will take care of the actual recycling work.

Other than Dell's products, Staples also offers free cell phone recycling and charges $10 per piece to accept computers, printers, and other PC-related items.

It's probably time you properly got rid of that old Dell computer in the basement. Just make sure you wipe the hard drive clean before handing it out to anyone.