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Stanton intros two DJ-worthy USB turntables

Stanton introduces two new USB turntables aimed at DJs, the t.92 and t.55.

Photo of the Stanton t.92 USB turntable.
The Stanton t.92 turntable brings direct drive playback to the USB crowd. Stanton

Turntables with USB output offer an easy way to rip your records to MP3s, but most models can't hold up to DJ abuse. If you need a USB-equipped deck that's tough enough to tumble in the DJ coffin, Stanton's latest t.55 and t.92 turntables may be the answer.

Both of these turntables take their cue from the Stanton t.90 turntable we reviewed back in 2007, but the pricing is more more palatable ($299 for the t.92 and $199 for the t.55). On the Stanton t.92, you'll find a direct drive motor, analog and S/PDIF output, DSP key lock, and an S-shaped tone arm, while the more affordable t.55 keeps it simple with a straight arm and a belt drive. Both decks include a Stanton 500.v3 cartridge and come bundled with Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator.