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Stanley Cup trophy made of bacon really hams it up

National Hockey League playoffs begin on Wednesday, with 16 teams battling it out to see who will lift Lord Stanley's Cup. Bet they'd fight even harder if the trophy were made out of bacon.

So we just made this. #StanleyCup #SaltyCup #Bacon

A photo posted by Brutus (@barbrutus) on

It's playoff time in the National Hockey League. Bar Brutus, a Montreal bar and restaurant that almost exclusively serves bacon-themed dishes, is cheering on the Montreal Canadiens by making a gigantic all-bacon version of the NHL's championship trophy, the Stanley Cup.

The succulent swine specialty is made from approximately 20 pounds (about 10 kilograms) of bacon, and comes with a side of heart attack should any restaurant-goer try to consume it.

We're sure that if the NHL were offering up the Bacon Stanley Cup instead of the traditional one, teams would be even more motivated to win. After all, who wouldn't want to take home a trophy made out of 20 pounds of bacon instead of the much-less-edible silver and nickel alloy?

It's too bad there isn't a real hockey team called the Piggers, as it would be a salty delight if that team walked away with the Bacon Stanley Cup.

Intimate moment with the #BaconStanleyCup. #BecauseItsTheCup @nhl @canadiensmtl

A video posted by Brutus (@barbrutus) on

(Via Yahoo Sports)