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Stanislaw Lem and giant robots in most epic Google doodle yet

Fancy starting your day with a giant, puzzle-setting robot? Google today pays epic tribute to sci-fi legend Stanislaw Lem.

Fancy starting your day in an encounter with a giant, puzzle-setting robot? Today you can, with an epic tribute to science-fiction legend Stanislaw Lem from Google.

The animated Google logo stars a line-drawn, Lem-like character who meanders through a black-and-white world of surreal machines, encountering giant robots, a droid-firing cannon and ever more elaborate puzzles, which you solve by clicking buttons in the animation.

The art is inspired by the illustrations of Daniel Mroz that accompany The Cyberiad, Lem's collection of short stories published in 1965 and translated to English in 1974. 

Today is the 60th anniverary of Lem's first book. Born in Poland in 1921, he was best known for writing Solaris, which was filmed in Russian in 1972 and in Hollywood in 2002, starring George Clooney.

Lem was active in the Polish resistance during World War II, and subject to Communist scrutiny and revision of some of his early works. Increased freedom of speech in the post-Stalin Soviet Union saw him eventually write novels, poems and philosophical essays that have sold over 27 million copies in 41 different languages. He died in 2006.

Despite the epic doodle, it's not a good day for Google as the search giant is forced to admit a major problem with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, officially confirming the problem we spotted in our review.

Google told us it is aware of the problem, which causes the phone's volume to drop, and promises an update as soon as possible.