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Stan Lee cologne smells spicy, musky, superheroic

Comic book icon Stan Lee now has his own official signature cologne, so that you, too, can smell like a superhero-creator.

Stan Lee's Signature Perfume
It's all about the mustache. Jads International

When you think about Stan Lee, you likely think about all the famous superhero comic book characters he co-created, like the Avengers and Spider-Man. Probably one of the last things to cross your mind is how he smells. So let's go there. What do you think Stan Lee smells like? Consider it for a moment, because pretty soon we will have an answer.

Following in the illustrious footsteps of luminaries such as Justin Bieber and Snooki, Lee has offered his name, likeness, and approval to Stan Lee's Signature Cologne from Jads International. "It has Stan's personal touch as it possesses crisp blends of bergamot, ginger, white pepper, basil, and violet layered in with accords of cedar, vetiver, and musk," reads the product description.

I know you have a burning question here. What in the world is "vetiver?" Apparently, it's a type of grass with an earthy scent. How exactly Lee settled on this particular combination of ingredients is unknown. Perhaps he felt that it encapsulated his creative work and personality all in one handy bottle.

The cologne is available for $25 per bottle. There are a few occasions where it might be appropriate to wear this scent, including attendance at any Stan Lee-related superhero movie, during Comic-Con, when writing your own comic books, or while flying through the clouds in an expensive custom-made battle exoskeleton powered by an arc reactor.

Stan Lee with cologne
Stan Lee looks proud of his cologne. Jads International

(Via Fashionably Geek)