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Stalk your love object with your gadget, says new Galaxy S4 ad

Once upon a time, men wooed women. They tried to charm them. Now Samsung declares that they incessantly take pictures of them, until the woman is mesmerized. Or something.

This is how you say hello? Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Technology and love have a long relationship.

In recent times, the former has played the dominant role.

We now find partners online and one-night stands on our phones.

However, Samsung would like you to know that the best way to meet the woman of your dreams is to pull out your gadget and stalk her a little.

Perhaps this is already your preferred form of seduction. This new Galaxy S4 ad will be, therefore, a touch redundant for you.

For the rest of us, though, it is an education. Here is a boy who cannot help taking pictures of the girl with whom he would like to consort.

He takes pictures of her in class and out of class.

Some might suggest this shows a certain lack of class. But let that ride, as this is a man on a quest for love and he must navigate its modern mores.

He keeps singing that he just wants to say hello. Wild guessers might feel he wants to say a lot more than that, but has the communication skills of a warthog's carcass.

But wait, of course. How blind can one be? This lover is using Dual Shot, Samsung Smart Pause, Drama Shot, Sound & Shot, and Air Gesture in order to woo.

If you can't woo with your features, then who are you?

Here, though, the blonde object of his affection doesn't seem impressed. She seems to be more comfortable with anachronisms. Yes, like books.

But soon our hero is capturing her with his camera -- and her knowledge. Now she will melt. You can just feel it, can't you?

You know how this ends, don't you? She begins to stalk him with her (white, naturally) gadget too.

Modern love. It's something else.