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Stainless steel that's actually stainless

Miele's new Clean Touch Steel eliminates the smudges that plague most stainless-steel appliances.

Look, Ma, hands, but no dirt! Miele

When stainless-steel appliances first became all the rage, people marveled over their sleek good looks. They ran out and bought them and had them installed. And then began the battle.

Stainless, they call it. Hah! A war was waged in many homes--fingerprints versus appliance fronts--and in most cases, the fingerprints won. A host of new cleaning products were introduced, but the hours of endless wiping, spraying, and scrubbing dissuaded more than one overworked mom from "upgrading" her kitchen appliances.

So now there's a new Clean Touch Steel finish on dishwashers, ovens, and coffee systems made by Miele. It's a specially treated surface that eliminates fingerprints, smudges, and scratches while letting the natural stainless steel shine through. No special polish necessary. Sounds nice. And clean.