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Stainless steel speakers from Anthony Gallo Acoustics

They're tall, sleek, modern and employ cutting edge design technologies. Oh, and they sound amazing!

The tall beauties demonstrate American technology at its best. Anthony Gallo Acoustics

Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) is displaying its all-new Reference 5LS line source loudspeaker at CES '08. The towering speaker stands 78-inches tall, boasts twelve aluminum 4-inch woofers, seven cylindrical tweeters, and eight 4-inch carbon-fiber midrange drivers, each housed it its own 5-inch spherical enclosure. The brushed stainless steel design is a knockout. I have heard the 5LS and think it'll likely become an audiophile classic (I have a review coming in a future issue of Home Entertainment magazine). The 5LS projects a gigantic, life-size sound. Yes friends, size still matters.

This loudspeaker is the culmination of more than 25 years of loudspeaker design research by Anthony Gallo. The 5LS offers options for bi- or tri-wiring, as well as bi- or tri-amping. The combined surface area of the twelve 4-inch rear-firing woofers nearly equal the surface area of a 15-inch subwoofer, while offering the speed and transparency a large single driver cannot match. AGA offers an optional Reference SA amplifier to drive the woofers. The amp allows the speaker to be positioned for optimal imaging and soundstaging without compromising bass performance.