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Stainless steel robot arm far cooler than your arm

Kawasaki Heavy Industries' MSR05 robot experiments with drugs and bathes in hydrogen peroxide gas.

Stainless steel robot arm
DigInfo TV

Who didn't read X-Men comics as a kid? My favorite mutant was, of course, Wolverine, but Colossus was pretty cool too. This robot arm looks like a piece of him.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries recently showed off what it calls the world's first stainless steel robot arm with seven joints, or "degrees of freedom."

The arm, which moved flasks around in a display at the Interphex Japan pharmaceutical trade show, is designed for automated experiments with dangerous chemicals that ultimately could lead to discovering new drugs.

Because the MSR05 arm is made of stainless steel, it can be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide gas to ensure its sterility.

Apart from strangling foes, the stainless steel, robotic arm can be used for tasks such as washing, loading, and weighing. Kawasaki Heavy's robot arms traditionally have been used for spot welding and painting or specific tasks, such as grinding motorcycle parts or washing commercial buses.

Slated for release in January, the MSR05 joins an increasing range of pharmaceutical industry robots -- machines used in the development of new drugs and their delivery packaging.

All we need now is another arm and a stainless steel body. And a few more mutants.

Check out the stainless steel MSR05 in the video below from DigInfo TV.

(Via DigInfo TV)