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Stag beetle becomes art star on Twitter

Spike the beetle proves that artists come in all shapes, sizes and species.


He might not be Jean-Michel Basquiat, but Spike the beetle's drawings are colorful. 

Spike the Beetle/Twitter

Humans aren't alone in their need for creative outlet. When it comes to covering a canvas with bold strokes of color, a stag beetle named Spike could be the next big or, in his case, tiny artist to watch. 

Spike lives in Japan with his 27-year-old owner, an English teacher named Mandy. While having a stag beetle as a pet may seem strange, it's not unusual in Japan

One day while playing with Spike, Mandy noticed that her pet insect could pick up quite a few things with its claw-like mandibles.

So she gave Spike a colored marker to hold. And before she could say "Picasso," Spike began scribbling away, making colorful pieces of art.

Mandy was so impressed with Spike's art that she created a Twitter account for the insect just to show off the mini masterpieces to the masses. So far Spike the Beetle Twitter account has over 47,000 followers. 

Because Spike's one-of-a-kind artistic endeavors have been a hit on social media, Mandy sells the art on eBay. So far, Spike's pieces are selling for a staggering $321 (about £249 or AU$422) each.

While Spike's art seems expensive for a debut artist, would-be collectors should know that Mandy said she plans to donate a percentage of sales to the People's Trust for Endangered Species. The trust's work includes preserving the habitat of stag beetles in the United Kingdom.

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