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Square Cash lets you request money with an e-mail

The service, which launched last October, allows anyone to send money by sending a simple e-mail. Now, it also allows users to request cash the same way.

Square Cash now allows users to send requests for money. Square

Square Cash, a service that lets people send money to each other through e-mail, now allows users to request payment the same way.

Launched widely last October, the service, from mobile payments company Square, was designed to make it easy to send money to almost anyone via a single e-mail. But until Thursday, it wasn't possible to send someone a request for money.

With the new feature, users can ask friends, family, co-workers and others for money by sending them an e-mail and cc'ing and putting the amount in the subject line. Alternatively, it works via the Square Cash app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Unlike other services that enable sending and requesting money, Square Cash doesn't require any kind of account. It's also free to use. However, in order to process a transaction, it does require users to link their e-mail addresses to a debit card, a step that takes place after the e-mail is sent.