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'Spyke' spy bot is ready to roll

Price, availability for rolling spy cam


Go ahead, take the kids to McDonald's to get their Happy Meal Robosapiens. You know you were going to have to make a trip there anyway, sooner or later. Besides, that'll give you another excuse to get a robot of your own soon--the "Spyke."

As noted when it was introduced last month, this spy bot made by France's Meccano is outfitted with a Webcam, Wi-Fi connection and Skype's latest VoIP software. And now, thanks to Uber-Review, we know its price and availability: 200 pounds in the U.K., or about $391, with an April 9 target release. We also learned a few more details, such as Spyke's handy habit of returning to its base station automatically when it needs recharging. Maybe it can teach our kids to do the same thing.