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Spycam of yesteryear disappoints

Cola Cam leaves nothing to the imagination.

Ubergizmo has spied that the International Spy Museum is selling the Cola Cam for about $18.

Cool, you may think. Who wouldn't want a camera shaped like a can of soda?

There are several reasons.

Cola Spycam
Cola Spycam International Spy Museum

First, you have to hold it as if you are shot-gunning a beer, so you can't just sit it on a shelf and let it click. It's so obviously a camera that you would not need the spy for spycams surveillance kit.

Second, the flash that pops up makes it extremely obvious that this is not a can of Cindy Crawford's favorite soda, but an actual camera.

Third, it's a film camera. Yes, that's right. You have to buy 35 mm film, which the camera requires you to manually wind, and actually have it developed after using the device. It also requires 2 AA batteries. By the time you get actual photos, any secrets you would have been gleaning will either be scooped, or intentionally leaked to the press, by someone else.

And you thought today's spies had it tough. At least they can employ the camcorder tie or Spy-Cye.