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Tech Industry

Spry launches new office Net suite

Spry, a unit of CompuServe's Internet division, today unveiled Internet Office 4.1. The package is priced from $199.

Spry has announced the release of its Spry Internet Office 4.1 package. The suite, which is priced from $199 for a single-user version to $399 for a multiple-user version, offers new support for firewall protection.

New applications within the suite include Host Connect, NFS, and Socks Firewalker. The Socks Firewalker component lets Winsock applications work through a socks firewall to retrieve information from the Net.

The upgrade also includes better support for remote users, said officials at the Seattle-based unit of CompuServe's Internet division.

Spry Internet Office 4.1 also includes both a 16-bit and a 32-bit version of the Spry Mosaic browser.