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Sprint's spreading the word through fortune cookies

Sprint passes out fortune cookies in San Francisco to spread the word about its value plans.

Bonnie Cha/CNET

I just missed a call from our front desk this morning saying that two representatives from Sprint were downstairs with a package delivery. My first thought? "OMG, the Palm Pre!!"

I ran downstairs, and when our security operator told me they just left to drop the packages off at our loading dock, I bolted out the door to the back of our building and caught up with them. Guess what? It wasn't the Pre.

Instead, I got a little package of fortune cookies and a flash drive filled with press releases on Sprint's service plans, its Ready Now Customer service, and J.D. Power's recognition of Sprint as having the "highest call quality performance" in the West (though tied with Verizon Wireless).

Also, inside each fortune cookie were messages about the network, savings opportunities, and a URL to Sprint's value page.

Some examples:

Where's my fortune about the Pre? Bonnie Cha/CNET

• "To save more than $475 per year, you would be wise to try the Sprint Simply Everything Plan."

• "Unlimited talk, text, e-mail and Web are in your future for $99.99/month (taxes and surcharges excluded)."

This is all part of the carrier's latest marketing campaign to spread the word about the network and its value-oriented plans. Apparently, Sprint had people stationed at the Montgomery BART station here in downtown San Francisco on Wednesday morning handing out the fortune cookies to spread the good word.

Cute idea, but I didn't find the fortune I was looking for, if you know what I'm saying. Hey, at least I have some afternoon snacks now.