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Sprint's "Now Network" Site: Not Playing Now on Pre?

Palm Pre users unable to access "Now Network" vanity site?


My post earlier today about the crazy Palm Pre lady commercial led me to read a bit more deeply about Sprint and Palm ads, and during this search, I decided to try to visit Sprint's Now Network "vanity" site (live since May, I think) on my Pre.

If you haven't yet seen the "Now" site, it's definitely worth a look and a listen. However, don't expect to experience it "live" on your Pre. The closest Pre users can come to viewing it on their phones is looking at this screen shot. I thought it was kind of funny that the "Now" phone on the "Now" network couldn't access the "Now" experience on their vanity site, so I had to share that.

Now, since users can't have the full experience of the site via the Pre, let me explain what that experience is like...

When you navigate to the site, a woman's voice (which, somewhat ironically, sounds as if it is from the future) welcomes you to now and announces the current time. What you see is a rapidly changing, flipping, fluttering version of the screen shot above with what sounds to me like a plane flying in the background.

The page is essentially a live mosaic of constantly updating stats about random things: how many people are getting a spray tan right now, how much milk vs. soda is being consumed, how many planes are in the air, the number of texts being sent on Sprint phones, how many workers are out sick right now, etc. Periodically, the futuristic female voice reports a "Now" stat and makes other announcements like, for example, "All content is rated 'N' for..." What else? "Now!"

It is actually pretty cool, so check it out on a desk/laptop sometime.

Note: I would like to acknowledge that it's not Sprint's fault that the Pre won't play with their "Now" site. The Pre just isn't there yet (I'm not a programmer, but I'm guessing it's a Flash thing).