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Sprint's new Sanyo M1 says no to memory cards

New Sanyo handset offers 1GB of internal memory.


Sprint plants a new flag on the planet of mobile music with the launch of the Sanyo M1. Sprint's new multimedia cell phone offers all the usual 3G music and video goodies such as access to Sprint TV and the Sprint Music Store, but the biggest news is that it offers a whole gigabyte of internal memory. Sprint says the M1 will be able to store up to 16 hours of music or more than 1,000 2-megapixel photos--wow.

Not only would that make the M1 the "smartest" cell phone we've seen in the U.S. market, it would also finally put to rest one of our common complaints about 3G phones. Too often 3G phones offer just a few megabytes of internal memory, which in our opinion is not enough. Sure, an added external memory slot is useful (when it's not crammed behind the battery), but it's about time we see this much embedded storage. And in case you're wondering, the M1 doesn't offer a Micro SD slot.

Other features on the stylish black flip phone include a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, support for Sprint's Ready Link, push-to-talk service, voice dialing, external music controls, e-mail, and access to Sprint's new NFL Mobile application. The M1 is a very reasonable $199 with purchase of a service plan.