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Sprint's Galaxy Nexus slides through FCC

The Sprint edition of Google's flagship Android device gets FCC certified and moves one step closer to launch.

With FCC approval, Sprint's Galaxy Nexus takes another step forward. Kent German

The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone has been given its FCC approval papers and is one step closer to release.

Expected to arrive in the first half of this year, the pure Android 4.0 experience device will be one of Sprint's first handsets designed for the carrier's LTE network. Bearing the model number of SPH-L700, little else is revealed about the smartphone save for its support for Bluetooth, NFC, and presumably, Google Wallet.

Sprint adopted a similar strategy for its last pure Google handset, bringing the Nexus S 4G to the Now Network a few months after the initial release. If I were to guess, we might look for Sprint to make some form of announcement for its Galaxy Nexus at CTIA in May.