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Sprint to show another 'industry first' at February 7 event

Sprint has sent out invites for a February 7 event in New York. What could it be?

Though it introduced the HTC Evo Shift 4G and BlackBerry PlayBook at CES 2011, Sprint had a relatively quiet presence at the show compared to the other carriers. However, it looks like the carrier has something up its sleeve.

We just received an invitation from Sprint for a February 7 event in New York City starting at 6 p.m., ET. The invite-only gathering will showcase "another industry first" from Sprint and will be presented by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Illusionist David Blaine will also be a special guest and will help Sprint show that the "impossible is possible." Oohh, ahhh.

Of course, we'll be attendance to bring you the latest news, but do you guys have any ideas as to what it might be? Or what would you like to see unveiled at the event?