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Sprint to offer a money back guarantee

Sprint will offer a satisfaction money back guarantee.

Sprint is really pulling out all the stops lately to differentiate itself from the rest of the big nationwide carriers. Its latest attempt is to offer a decidedly fantastic money back guarantee. Starting April 1, 2010, Sprint will give new customers 30 days to try out Sprint service, and if they are not completely satisfied, Sprint will give them a refund for absolutely everything--the device purchase, the activation fee, the service plan charges, all taxes and surcharges--and the company will waive the early termination and restocking fees, too. AT&T and Verizon have 30-day policies as well, but they won't refund you the service plan and activation fees after 3 days, while T-Mobile has only a 20-day return policy and won't refund you those fees regardless. We certainly like that Sprint is taking these sorts of risks to help lure customers, namely because it might provoke the other carriers to improve their policies as well.