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Sprint to deliver fix for Nexus S 4G reception

Following up on customer complaints over the Samsung Nexus S 4G's data connection, Sprint should deliver a fix for the Android smartphone on July 11.

After several weeks of frustration, Samsung Nexus S 4G owners should get a fix for the WiMax woes early next week. The carrier has yet to make an official announcement, but SprintFeed reported today that a software update scheduled for July 11 will enhance Wi-Fi and 4G performance and alter the signal strength indicators.

The update won't bring a new flavor of Android, but the improved connectivity should be more than enough for most users. The upgrade also promises to enable the NFC secure element and address the 4G widget, TTY support, and speakerphone audio quality.

Sprint made a good play two months ago when it added the respectable Samsung Nexus S 4G to its lineup. Not only did it bring some much needed stock Android to a CDMA carrier, but also it bested T-Mobile's version of the phone by adding 4G.


Yet, it was the 4G support that soon raised the ire of many Nexus S 4G buyers. As soon as the phone went on sale on May 9, Sprint user forums complained of poor 4G reception in a variety of areas. "I have no signal at home; other phones work fine," wrote user CoryNexus. "[It's] clearly an issue with the phone which is a shame, because otherwise it's great. I guess I'll be returning it."

Several CNET readers also mentioned the problem in e-mails. As Jesse put it, "I currently have the Nexus 4G on Sprint and its been over a month and this phone still has horrible radios."

Though we had no issues with the Nexus S 4G during our initial review, CNET Senior Editor Nicole Lee later found that the handset indeed suffers from a poor 4G connection when compared with another Sprint device.

Up until now, Sprint hasn't admitted or specifically denied that the handset has a problem. In response to a queries from CNET, carrier representatives said only that they were investigating the issue while adding that the Nexus S 4G remains a top-selling phone.

(Via ZDNet )