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Sprint to debut new data plans with Evo View 4G

The carrier is readying additional options for subscribers looking to pick up Android tablets.

Sprint customers will be able to purchase plans with up to 10GB of 3G data per month. AndroidPolice

Sprint will add to its tablet options on June 24 with the debut of not only the Evo View 4G, but also new data plans.

According to information first obtained by AndroidPolice, the carrier will begin offering a 10GB data plan for $90/month and unlimited access to WiMAX data for data plans of 3GB and above. These options, later confirmed by Sprint PR spokeswoman Kristin Wallace, won't differ much from their existing rates, rather they will supplement them.

Customers will benefit from the additional choices to match their usage needs. Currently, subscribers can choose between 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB of data, with prices ranging from $20-$60 per month. Once the new rates take effect, however, anyone spending $45 or more (3GB+) will have unlimited access to the 4G network. Existing Sprint customers who have qualifying unlimited smartphone plans will be able to save $10 per month on these tablet data plans as well.