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Sprint rolls out four basic models

Sprint rolls out four basic models

Sprint today introduced the Sanyo SCP-3100. Available in four colors--Pure Silver, Always Pink, Blue Energy, and Espresso--the SCP-3100 is a compact flip phone (3.3 by 1.8 by 1.0 inches; 3.5 ounces) with a midtier assortment of features. Inside you'll find a VGA camera, a speakerphone, support for Sprint's Ready Link push-to-talk service, dual color displays, three-minute voice memos, voice dialing, text and multimedia messaging, and the usual assortment of PIM applications.

Also on the low end, Sprint formally unveiled the UTStarcom CDM-120 (a.k.a. the CDM-7025) and the LG LX-350, both of which we saw at CTIA. And though we didn't see it at the Las Vegas show, there's also the Samsung A580. The flip phone is wireless backup-capable and comes with text messaging, a speakerphone, a 65,000-color internal display, a grayscale external screen, and a wireless Web browser. Stay tuned for full reviews of all new handsets.