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Sprint releases EV-DO Rev. A upgrade for HTC Mogul

Sprint announces a software upgrade for the HTC Mogul that will make it the industry's first EV-DO Rev. A handset.

Sprint Mogul
Sprint Mogul gets a speed boost. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

The HTC Mogul is about to get fast...real fast. Today, Sprint released a software upgrade that brings an EV-DO Rev. A upgrade to the Windows Mobile smartphone, making it the first such handset in the United States. EV-DO Rev. A is an evolution of EV-DO which boosts download speeds from the 400Kbps-to-700Kbps range to 600Kbps-to-1.4Mbps range, while upload speeds will average about 350Kpbs to 500Kpbs (compared with EV-DO's 50Kpbs to 70Kbps). In short, you're going to get faster Web browsing, e-mail, and downloads--that is, if you're lucky enough to live in a coverage area.

According to the carrier, the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network is available in 13,453 cities and 1,321 airports with a "vast majority" of that network upgraded to EV-DO Rev. A. You can check for your city on Sprint's Web site (Click the "Data, Email, and Multimedia" tab; Sprint Mobile Broadband Network areas highlighted in orange). As for the software update, it's available now as a free download from HTC America's Web site. We'll be getting our hands on a juiced up HTC Mogul soon so check back for an update to our full review of the smartphone.

Update: We just got word from Sprint that HTC's support site is having some problems right now, so the update isn't quite available yet. However, they expect the problems to be resolved later this morning. We'll let you know when everything is a go.

11:30 a.m., PDT: The software update is now available for download.