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Sprint preloads ScanLife on Samsung Exclaim

Sprint preloads ScanLife, a bar code reader application, on its Samsung Exclaim camera cell phone.

If you're thinking of getting Sprint's Samsung Exclaim, the phone now comes with another cool function.

Scanbuy, the company that's been at work putting its ScanLife application on camera cell phones, announced Tuesday that its ScanLife 2D bar code reader application will now be preloaded on the Samsung Exclaim from Sprint.


This is the first wireless phone to be shipped in the U.S. with the ScanLife technology. The company expects additional models will ship with the application in the future.

ScanLife is an application that allows you to scan a 2D bar code with a standard camera phone to automatically launch a specific function associated with that bar code. For example, you could launch a mobile Web site or video, or get specific item information like company contacts or pricing. You can also view and share that information through social-networking communities, like Facebook and MySpace, with which the Exclaim easily syncs.

At Scanbuy's Web site, you can also create your own bar code that's associated with information of your choosing.

If your phone is not preloaded with the app, you can always install the application by going to on your mobile browser. The app is available for free. I tried it with my iPhone 3G and it worked well. Note that once a bar code is scanned, the information will be directed to Scanbuy's server to determine the associated function. This means an Internet connection is required for this technology to work.

Nonetheless, this is a very useful and fun feature.