Sprint, Omnilink announce new asset security products

Sprint enterprise customers can track their valuables with three new devices offered on Omnilink's Asset Tracker platform.

NEW ORLEANS--Omnilink, a company that provides industries such as fleet owners, construction companies, and law enforcement with location-based solutions, announced today that along with its long-time partner, Sprint, it will be releasing three new devices to help enterprise companies track their valuables.

These products will be able to locate and monitor assets such as bank bags, ATMs, and cars. Even items like liquor, cigarettes, and prescription drugs can be tracked using Sprint's network.

The Sendum PT300 is one of the new devices offered under Omnilink's Asset Tracker platform, and it can sense temperature, light, and motion changes. The temperature of perishable goods, for example, can be monitored offsite to prevent package tampering.

The other two items include the Omnilink OM210, which was designed to be highly reliable and monitor items for a short amount of time, such as valuables that are at risk of being lost during transit.

To track vehicles such as cars and construction equipment, Omnilink's third product, the CalAmp 2610, boasts new data-collecting features like location history, speed, and stop reports.

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