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Sprint offers Palm Centro in new colors and lower price

Sprint announces it will offer two new color models of the Palm Centro--vibrant rose and olive green--as well as a lower price tag.


Just in time for the holiday season, Sprint announced on Tuesday that it will offer the Palm Centro in two new colors. Starting October 19, you will be able to get the entry-level smartphone in vibrant rose or olive green, in addition to the carrier's red, black, and pink models. According to Palm, the colors chosen based on fashion trends for this season as forecasted by the color experts of the Pantone Fashion Color Reports for fall 2008 and spring 2009. How chic.

In addition to the new hues, Sprint will lower the price point from $99.99 to $79.99 (with a two-year contract) during the period of October 19 to January 10. It's a darn-good value, especially when you consider you get a couple more features too, including Facebook for Palm, Google Maps with the My Location feature on the device's ROM, and twice the storage of the original Centro from Sprint. Not too shabby.