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Sprint's latest sign-up perk: A free year of Amazon Prime

If gobs of data isn't enough, Sprint's latest incentive is 12 free months of Amazon's subscription service.

Apparently, a 40GB data plan isn't enough to move the needle anymore.

To sweeten the deal on its "Better Choice XXL" plan, Sprint is now throwing in a free 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime. The plan -- dubbed "Amazon Better Choice XXL," of course -- is open to new and existing Amazon customers.

Prime, of course, is Amazon's signature $99 annual service plan that offers free two-day shipping, video streaming of thousands of free movies and TV show, an all-you-can eat music plan and a selection of free e-books -- and that's just for starters. (CNET's David Katzmaier recently called it "the best deal ever.")

Interested? Check out the full details of the Sprint plan at the company's website.