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Sprint sells Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab 4 in $100 all-in bundle

A limited-time promotion sees Sprint putting together a smartphone, a tablet, and a pair of rate plans for a flat $100-per-month fee.

Sprint is offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport as part of a limited time promotion. Josh Miller/CNET

Sprint started offering an all-inclusive bundle this week that gives you the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-inch) tablet for $100 per month -- that's with the equipment costs and data service included.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is paired with unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data while the tablet gets 2GB of data per month. Sprint customers can swap out the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the more rubberized and stylish Galaxy S5 Sport variant at no cost.

According to Sprint, the new bundle will save customers $300 over the course of two years. The promotion lasts through April 9.

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