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Sprint Navigation to arrive in April

Sprint and TeleNav introduce Sprint Navigation service for Power Vision phones.

Sprint Navigation
Sprint Navigation Sprint

Today, Sprint and TeleNav announced they are expecting a little cell phone/GPS lovechild sometime in April. They've named the location-based service (LBS) Sprint Navigation, and it brings a bundle of navigation joy, such as:

  • Text- and voice-guided turn-by-turn directions
  • 3D maps
  • Pedestrian mode
  • Real-time traffic alerts
  • Local search with more than 10 million points of interest
  • Gas finder by lowest price

Sprint Navigation will be available on most Power Vision phones, including the Motorola Razr V3m, the Motorola Krzr, and the LG Fusic, with several data plan options. The new Sprint Power Vision Navigation Pack gives you unlimited access to Sprint Navigation, data, and Web browsing, as well as Sprint Mobile E-mail, Sprint Picture Mail, Sprint Radio, and Sprint TV, for just $20 per month. You can check for other plans on Sprint's Web site.