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Sprint may offer LG G Flex, according to leaked pic

The curved Android is expected to hit the US next year. Could Sprint be the first carrier to get its hands on the phone?

Sprint may introduce the LG G Flex in the US. Twitter (evleaks)

Sprint is expected to offer the LG G Flex in the near future, according to oft-reliable Twitter source evleaks.

A picture surfaced over the weekend that shows a press render of the device with Sprint's Spark LTE logo in the notification bar.

The curved Android is expected to hit the US at some point in the next few months. Aside from Sprint, other carriers said to be in line include AT&T and T-Mobile.

The G Flex might feature midrange hardware under the hood but its main draw is almost purely superficial. The LG handset has a curved display and can "heal" itself by smoothing out scratches and scuffs on the rear over time. What's more, the smartphone can bend and flex under moderate amounts of weight, even reverting to the curved shape.

Pricing and exact availability are unclear at this point. The Consumer Electronics Show does takes place in a couple of weeks, and Sprint and other wireless providers could be readying press releases for the unique handset early next year.

Sprint, when contacted by CNET, had the following to offer:

Sprint is constantly working to bring our customers a strong portfolio of products and services. This includes a variety of form factors, operating systems, price points, features and appearance. Look to Sprint to continue to bring a variety of new and exciting devices in 2014. Sprint does not comment on rumors about our device portfolio, however, I promise you there are several fun products in the works for this year, and we are anxious to bring them to our customers as soon as possible.

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